Glenn Beck v. Alex Jones – A battle of the Crazies

Alex Jones screenshotHave you ever wondered what would happen if the two bums laying at the bus stop yelling at each other about the coming one world government and secret CIA brain implants were given a microphone and webcam?  Well wonder no more as Glenn Beck and gun nut Alex Jones have stated what is maybe the first Conservative Pundit Hip-Hop beef.  See the clips below.

Glenn Beck Rips Apart ‘Madman’ Alex Jones For ‘Crazy’

Alex Jones responds to Glenn Beck…

“I saw that 15 minute clip where they attacked me. They looked scared because they’re a bunch of nelly punks who can’t stand the fact that I’m the one who’s turning the ship around. I’m the one that’s got all the conservative hosts aping my information and my talking points, because I’m original and I’ve done the research. I’m leading the pack and all these fake jackass conservatives know it.”