Op-ed: LAPD killer is first drone target on U.S. soil

Will Christopher Dorner be a Victim of Obama’s Drone Policy?

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From the story he tells, it may be the case that Christopher Dorner was screwed by a crooked system.

It’s highly believable that he was fired because he was a whistleblower. Whistleblowers, who should be treated as heroes, are all too often treated as pariahs or worse, imprisoned, like Bradley Manning and a growing number of others who have blown the whistle on the Obama administration.

But Dorner is alleged to have killed people as a way to get justice. This is wrong at all levels.

Let’s be clear. I’m all for protest and non-violent civil disobedience as means for making change happen, including addressing injustices.  I believe whistelblowers should be protected and treated with respect and given protection from employer abuses.

But killing people is not the way you make things right, not the way to achieve justice. Dorner is a criminal suspect and should be arrested and if convicted,  prosecuted, if he has not already killed himself, a possibility that’s been raised by a OEN senior editorial team member.

When I say Dorner may become a victim of Obama’s drone policy I do NOT mean he will be killed directly by a drone, thought that is a remote possibility.

I say Dorner may become a victim of Obama’s drone assassination policy because Obama has set an example that will be used at all levels around the world– if someone with some level of authority thinks so, it’s okay to kill a person suspected of being dangerous in some way. Obama might argue that he is the arbiter of such decisions, but even he is making those decisions because he trusts the information and counsel he’s getting from others in his employ.There is no doubt that when the US does something, including wrong things, like torture, corruption of the election system, using corruptible computerized electronic voting systems, allowing money in elections, unauthorized spying on citizens, imprisonment without judicial oversight or legal representation– those policies are mimicked by authoritarian and other regimes all over the world. “If the USA does it, why can’t we?”

Now, we have a public policy of extra judicial murder. I’m sure that there are plenty of police who are thinking, “If Obama can do it, then it’s  okay for me to do it with a cop killer. It’s just a matter of degree.” Obama’s policy has made it easier for police to think that it’s okay to take justice into their own hands.

Obama has created many slipper slopes that put people at risk, including bad guys like Chris Dorner. He’s probably a bad guy who may even deserve the ultimate punishment. But he also deserves a trial. And I’m guessing that the chance that Dorner will be killed by police is greater now than it was before it became public knowledge that Obama was designating people for assassination. Obama and his spokespeople may be arguing that they only do it outside the US,  at least so far. But that doesn’t stop the rest of the billions of humans on the planet to take his action as a justification and excuse for making their own rules based on his drone assassination policy.

If Chris Dorner is killed before going to trial, it may be because he’s suicidal and forces a shootout, but it also may be that  Obama’s policy will have had a role in his being killed. And if not Dorner, then certainly others– in the US and outside. Obama’s drone assassination policy has changed the rules for a lot of people, even though those rules have not been ratified by any legislatures or courts.

One more thought. If you look at the sites and facebook pages that have been created in sympathy with this murderer, you see the same kind of drooling crazies who can’t wait for the government to come to take away their guns so they can start shooting back at the army, police and, by proxy, Obama. One writer on Facebook posts,

” Dorner, your a true American hero. Will the LAPD take guns away from law abiding people, when the strong arm of the unconstitutional federal government cracks down”

Excuse me. All you Alex Jones fans who are ready to kill people, don’t get your hopes up that this guy is moving your vision of the future forward. Your vision is crazy and incredibly misguided. You are being used by people who want you focused on stupid, meaningless craziness rather than on the real ways you are being threatened and betrayed. Gun control is not your problem Corporate control of congress and the media is.

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