School shooting ignored by media?

(CBS/AP) PLANO, Texas – A second suspect was arrested in the shooting at Lone Star College that wounded three people, police said Friday.


Plano Police Officer David Tilley said 22-year-old Trey Foster was captured in the Dallas suburb of Plano and faces two counts of aggravated assault in Tuesday’s shooting at the Houston-area campus.

Tilley said police, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. marshals worked together to locate Foster.

Carlton Berry, 22, was charged Tuesday with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection to the shooting. Berry, who was also injured in the shooting, faces a court hearing Wednesday.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Berry and Foster were on the campus about noon on Tuesday, when 25-year-old Jody Neal bumped into Foster and an argument ensued. The three parted ways, but 30 minutes later, Berry and Foster saw Neal again. Baimbridge said she didn’t know if Neal knew Berry and Foster before Tuesday’s incident.

“Berry stated that Foster had been telling him that they were going to fight,” according to the affidavit.

At some point during the argument, Foster began shooting at Neal and wounded him in the abdomen and leg. Officials said at least 10 shots were fired. The affidavit does not say who shot Berry and Cliburn.

Officials said they are still trying to determine how Berry was shot in the leg and whether he at any point fired a weapon. The gun used in the shooting remains missing.

“They are still trying to interview all the witnesses to be able determine what they know about where the weapon was and who was holding the weapon,” prosecutor Alison Baimbridge said.

A maintenance worker for the college, 55-year-old Bobby Cliburn, was standing nearby and was shot in the leg. All three people who were shot are expected to recover from their injuries.

Berry had a Lone Star College ID but officials are still determining whether he or Foster were enrolled at the school. Neal was pursuing his GED. Charges were not expected to be filed against Neal, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office has said.

A woman whose name has not been released also received medical treatment after the shooting for what was believed to be an anxiety attack.