Foot Locker smash and grab

Police in Atlanta say they are on the hunt for over a dozen thieves after they allegedly broke into a Foot Locker store early on Monday morning.

Investigators say the 15 thieves who smashed through the windows of a southwest Atlanta Foot Locker left a pile of debris. Police say more than a dozen burglars ran into the shoe store on Metropolitan Parkway after crashing a stolen vehicle through the front of the business.

“They rammed the car all the way through the window. Like, wow,” said Brayfus Renfroe, a barber who works next door to the Foot Locker store.

He says because of break-ins like the one at the Foot Locker, his business is moving next week to a safer location.

A customer of the business, Bernice Sellers, says the break-in makes her sad.

Customers who came to shop on Monday were told they would have to wait. A massive clean-up remains to be done to windows, the brick wall of the structure and the framing.

“It made me really upset. To know you work real hard for your businesses and help customers and then you wake up in the morning and see something messed up,” said Sellers.

The owner says the burglars stole shoes and clothing before making their getaway, and it’s the second time one of his stores has been hit by thieves. He says there is no surveillance video of the incident.

The case remains under investigation.

Foot Locker smash and grab.