Unauthorized unlocking of smartphones becomes illegal Saturday – CNET Mobile


The feds mandate fidelity between carriers and users: New rule under DMCA outlaws unlocking new handsets without carrier permission. The U.S. federal government says that starting Saturday, new carrier-locked smartphones need to stay that way until the carrier says otherwise. For all you polyamorous types out there who don’t like the long-term monogamy demanded by most American wireless carriers when it comes to smartphones, I have bad news.Starting this Saturday, it becomes illegal in this great land to unlock a new smartphone without the permission of the carrier that locked it in the first place. This all goes back to a final rule issued in late October by the Librarian of Congress (PDF) — the Library of Congress handles the rulemaking for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which is the specific law we’re talking about here. The rule says this, among other things: cnet.com/news/unauthorized-unlocking-of-smartphones-becomes-illegal-saturday/57565730