James Bond style terrorIst standoff ends in disaster… least 37 hostages dead in Algeria standoff


CNN) – At least 37 hostages died in the terrorist seizure of a natural gas facility in eastern Algeria and the subsequent special forces assaults on it, the country’s prime minister said Monday.Five other hostages are missing from the In Amenas complex and could be dead, Prime Minister Abdul Malek Sallal said. Before Sallal’s statement, officials from other countries and companies that employed foreign workers at the sprawling plant had confirmed 29 hostage deaths.Seven of the 37 confirmed dead haven’t been identified yet, according to the prime minister. Those who have been identified include seven Japanese,six Filipinos, three Americans, three Britons and one Algerian, officials from those countries said.Some 29 militants also died, while three were captured, Sallal said, according to the state-run Algerian Press Service. http://www.cnn.com/2013/01/21/world/africa/algeria-hostage-crisis/index.html?c=world