Sex Slavery in Georgia

By Vivian Kuo, CNN Savannah, Georgia, (CNN) — An agent presses against a light blue wall and it gives way. Behind it is a makeshift room made of foam insulation and a cheap plywood frame.The woman inside is believed to a victim of a human trafficking ring that law enforcement agents busted during a four-state coordinated raid Wednesday. She is on a small bed with a thin mattress on springs. A large free-standing mirror sits to the side, and clothes are strewn across the floor. Upon surveying the scene inside the Savannah, Georgia, townhouse, Brock Nicholson, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agent in charge, said he’s never witnessed a situation like this.“ [This] is basically where they had the victim, where she serviced commercial sex acts, her hellish life is. She lived — all of her possessions, the tools of the commercial sex trade — all in this one little 10 by 12 box,” he says.